June 3, 2020
Dear Staff and Supervisors

The past three months have been difficult for all of us in our battle against Covid 19 and then to witness the latest protests around the world against the brutal murder of one man.

While we steer clear away from politics in our role as a community based service provider for people with disabilities, we do have a responsibility to assure all of our staff, no matter what your ethnicity, color, age, sex, and religious persuasion, that at Frontline, we respect and value all of you. Our commitment to serve justly with utmost regard to human rights and our God-given freedom, will guide us always.

We are appalled by the terrible death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Since then we have witnessed protests, mostly peaceful, in all major cities, including Washington D.C. We are thankful to our staff for making sure that none of our people were exposed to danger, especially during curfew. Just as you all worked tirelessly to safeguard the lives of the people we serve and their direct support staff during three months of the pandemic raging around us, you also have not let your guard down during the unrest and emotional upheaval on the streets of Washington D.C.

We should all pray that justice will be served, that people of color will be protected by good people in the majority, that there will be no violence, that wisdom will prevail in the hearts and minds of all our leaders, that all mothers everywhere do not fear for the safety of their children, and above all that this great country will be the light to the rest of the world. At Frontline we are a microcosm of America, the greatest nation in the world!

Thank you for your commitment and patience as you serve to the best of your ability. We are with you and remain committed to your wellbeing.

Dittu Abraham, President
Frontline Community Services​


Frontline Community Services, recognized in the greater Washington D.C. area for dedicated supports and services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD). The agency has a proven track record of person-centered planning and effective program implementation.

The Frontline team supports persons with disabilities to make strides in life; supporting them from dependence to the highest level of independence; as persons who have a contribution to make to the communities of which they are a part.





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