Real Stories. Real People.

At Frontline, we celebrate each facet of the persons-served, recognizing their differences and helping to bring meaning to their many life experiences. Please meet some of our unique individuals with different abilities.


I enjoy being here at Frontline. I like vacations, and the staff is always there when I need them,


Andrew X. describes himself as a self-made artist and designer. His hobbies include drawing and writing rap music, both of which he taught himself. “I like all kinds of music,” said Andrew. “My favorite is Rap Music. Some of the artists I like are Bun B., DaBaby, and Lil Wayne.”

When asked about recording music, he stated he received some assistance from one of his Frontline team members, who helped him identify instrumentals on YouTube, where he added lyrics. He said he enjoys being at Frontline, as the staff is always there to support him.

Andrew also enjoys drawing, particularly animation. He stated that a former art teacher would not help him develop the skill, so he began using the tracing method and taught himself how to draw. Designer Ed Hardy serves as his clothing inspiration, as he is fascinated by the designer’s artistry and colorful apparel. He aspires to develop a logo to brand his work further and include it on his T-shirt line. Additionally, he is inspired by Bill Gates, stating that the Billionaire is smart and works to help people worldwide.