Real Stories. Real People.

At Frontline, we celebrate each facet of the persons-served, recognizing their differences and helping to bring meaning to their many life experiences. Please meet some of our unique individuals with different abilities.


I like being at Frontline," said Ms. Barbara. "The folks here are very congenial. They are good to me. When my sister died, folks from Frontline came to my home to pay their respects.

Ms. B.S.

Ms. Barbara resides in one of Frontline’s transitional homes. Her roots date back to New York, where she comes from a large family. Over time, the family would spread out across California, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Arizona, and Colorado. She lived between Washington, D.C., and Maryland, where she completed high school at North Western. Upon completion, she received a scholarship to the University of Maryland, where she studied Secondary Education; however, she could not complete her degree due to a short-term illness. Ms. Barbara did not return to the University of Maryland. She transitioned into the government, where she served as a Secretary in the Departments of Labor and Agriculture.

When she is not going on a vacation or outings with the Frontline team, Ms. Barbara enjoys knitting and crocheting scarves, reading, trips to the library and using her IPAD. Recently she was baptized at Takoma Park Seventh-day Adventist Church. She utilizes various workbooks to learn more about the bible and its many characters. Some of her favorites include the book of Psalms, Daniel, Nehemiah, and Ezra.

Ms. Barbara fondly remembers her most admired hero, her brother, Larry, who taught her how to golf. “My brother Larry was my biggest inspiration, said Ms. Barbara. “He was a great humanitarian who helped to rehabilitate people in prison. He always said when you are down and out, tut-tut-tut.”

Before Frontline, Ms. Barbara fell on hard times, where she lacked necessities such as water, heat, electricity, and more. Additionally, she went through the horrific experience where an intruder broke in and vandalized her home. Washington Adventist Hospital connected her with Frontline, where she continues to receive assistance in the Transitional Living Program.