Real Stories. Real People.

At Frontline, we celebrate each facet of the persons-served, recognizing their differences and helping to bring meaning to their many life experiences. Please meet some of our unique individuals with different abilities.


I love my Frontline staff because they treat me nice.

Ms. E.C.

Evelyn is one of the seniors served at Frontline. With her spirited yet charming personality, Evelyn articulated that she is one of 38 children who reside across the country from Delaware, California, and Washington, D.C.

Her hobbies include feeding the birds, arts, and crafts, and going out to eat. “I love feeding the birds, “said Evelyn. “I buy them food every week and feed them every morning on the balcony.”

Her favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas, and she enjoys listening and dancing to Christian music. According to one member of her team, she will sing and dance daily to “I Believe” by Gospel Artist Jonathan Nelson.

Evelyn has been with Frontline for approximately eight years and stated that she likes her staff.