President Desk

TO : All Frontline Staff & Supervisors
FROM : Frontline Management
DATE : April 6, 2021

Dear Frontline Staff and Supervisors

We have now completed more than one year of living through a pandemic. This period in our lives is perhaps the darkest, most uncertain and utterly disturbing.

It is because we have observed strictly the guidelines from the DC and MD governments, and the Center for Disease Control, and taken seriously the information from various other federal and state agencies, we are able to still continue to labor confidently.

One of the most outstanding successes of this era has been the discovery of a few highly effective vaccines, and the availability of the same all over the country. It has become increasingly apparent that those who are not vaccinated are still at risk, and those who are vaccinated are reportedly protected from Covid 19. The focus has now shifted to the younger people who are yet to be vaccinated, and hence still exposed to the virus in its original form, as well as to the more dangerous variants.

Therefore, I am constrained to share that it is our civic duty to get vaccinated. We would do well to take one of the available vaccines.

Here are just some of the reasons I can think of:

  1.  for the sake of our families and even the kids in our homes;
  2.  to keep the person(s) we serve safe;
  3.  to protect ourselves from becoming seriously ill or even succumbing to the virus;
  4.  to be able to travel more freely; 
  5.  to help open up the economy and support the smaller businesses;
  6.  for the sake of health care workers in the hospitals who are so boldly dealing with seriously ill people day in and day out!

After much discussion and reading through page after page of news reports and listening to the advice of the world’s finest scientists, we may quite safely conclude that:

  1.  It has been proven beyond doubt that the vaccines are safe against serious illness and even death;
  2.  The vaccines are effective in protecting people all over the country and the rest of the world;
  3.  The pandemic has taken millions of lives all over the world, and in very high numbers in the USA;
  4.  Even if you are young, know that even the very young are falling very ill;
  5.  Many lives could have been saved if only everyone wore a mask, kept social distance and maintained strict hygiene;

Please register at one of the official sites (linked to either the DC or MD Health Departments) using the information your supervisors will share with you; leave your cell phone number, and expect a call or text when your turn comes up; and make sure you make it to the appointment. You may get called to come in earlier if there are cancellations; grab those slots quickly.

Proof of being vaccinated will be required to ensure that you are not carrying the Covid 19 virus and passing it on! This proof is required by airlines, and even at many job sites, including hospitals and nursing homes. As healthcare workers, we are all responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the people we serve.

We are pleading with all Frontline staff to get the vaccinations as soon as possible. If you may be excused for medical reasons, get a letter from your doctor, all program staff are advised to submit it to the SPM in charge of your division – either Mr. Kirkland Williams, Mr. Danny Nicholson or Dr. Randy Goldson. Once you are fully vaccinated, please inform the SPM with date of completion of the second dose of a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine (or the only dose if it is a Johnson & Johnson vaccine). All other staff, please report to Ms. Nisha in the Nursing Department.

With best wishes !

Dittu Abraham

Dittu Abraham