Frontline services in Washington D.C


Frontline is one of several provider agencies that collectively support over 2,000 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities from the District of Columbia. Some of these individuals once resided in Forest Haven (a large institution) but are now living in neighborhoods of their choice throughout the District. With a person-centered thinking philosophy, Frontline is in the mainstream guiding these individuals toward independent living.

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Services Offered

Washington DC


Supported Living

Frontline Community Services is an approved provider with license to serve people with disabilities who qualify for support under the Home and Community Based Waiver Services,a Medicaid-subsidized program in the District of Columbia.


In-Home Supports

Services are provided in natural homes or in the home of an unpaid caregiver. Such services are offered under waiver rules.


Respite Care

Respite services are provided to individuals who are displaced on a short-term basis. Such tentative services may be required due to the absence or need for relief to the primary caregiver.


Behaviour Supports

Frontline's team includes clinical psychologists and behavioral health professionals, widely recognized in the DC Metro area for their stellar contributions in the service of persons with developmental, behavioral, and mental health challenges. These behavioral experts provide person-centered behavioral support to persons who struggle with psycho-social and behavioral challenges that limit their optimal functioning in the community. Such services extend to persons residentially supported by Frontline and by other provider agencies.